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Glass Cleaner Drug


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March 22, 2012:
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What are teh effects of the glass cleaner drug?

Police have hard time keeping up with latest drug crazes

Glass Cleaner is a designer drug similar to "bath salts" in that it is sold in smoke shops and formulated from whatever chemicals are still legal this week. Because it is listed as "not for human consumption" it could also be a deadly poison, and then it would be your fault for taking it, but at least most sellers are greedy enough to make sure that you will come around to buy it again. Glass Cleaner is compared to a combination of methamphetamine and cocaine put together, so prepare to get shaky if you are crazy enough to take this stuff.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Don't take strange drugs if you don't know what will happen, and beware of people who want to persuade you to take anything they aren't taking themselves. When in doubt, watch them first and see if that's how you'd like to be seen on YouTube.